Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Owner: Max Gouverne, M.D.

Laser eye surgery and liposuction may have little in common as medical procedures, but they share one very important quality.  Patients come because they want to improve themselves.  Public outreach for the business and quality of experience for the patient are important.

The Gouverne cosmetic surgery and laser eye clinic is a rigid frame pre-engineered building structure.  Frame columns are expressed as massive columns while the “box” is mitigated by glazed loggias to the north and south.  Treatment and exam rooms are placed inboard for privacy with circulation outboard for light and vistas.  The geometry is rotated to generate functional wide places in the corridors.  While all parts of the interior share natural light and views, shading and orientation limit direct solar penetration to small silvers at each corner.

The site is in a palm-lined business park, a half block from a major arterial.  The building serves as a sort of pastoral billboard, extending name recognition to passing motorists.